Collective exhibition, A Little Brave, Be Brave Art Space, Sydney – Australia

Collective exhibition, Nanjing City of Peace International Stamp Exhibition, Hall of The Victims of the Nanjing Massacre, Nanjing – China

Collective exhibition, 6th Silk Road International Art Exhibition, Xian – China

Collective exhibition, Connecting Dots, 1929 Art Space, Shanghai – China


Art Battle International, Shanghai Edition, M50 Art District, Shanghai – China

Collective exhibition, 5th Silk Road International Art Exhibition, Xian – China

Collective exhibition,  Arts for People Festival / Critica, M50 – Shanghai – China


Collective exhibition, SongYang Int’l Contemporary Art Exhibiton, SongYang – Zhenjiang – China

Collective exhibition, The Spiral Narrative in a Klein Bottle, SongJiang Univ. Library, Shanghai – China 

Collective exhibition, Life – Death – Transition, Tongji University Museum, Shanghai – China 


Collective exhibition, Miles Closer, Mosaic Art Studio, Nanjing – China 

Solo exhibition,  Reflexions of The Self, Forest Mall Museum, Nanjing – China

Collective exhibition, Cool Words Exhibition, AMNUA Art Museum of the Nanjing University of Art, Nanjing – China

Solo exhibition, Theology of Relationship, KIC Gallery Mall, Nanjing – China


Collective exhibition, 2nd. Nanjing International Art Festival – NJIAF, Nanjing – China


Solo exhibition, El Hatillo Cutural Center, Caracas – Venezuela


Solo exhibition, Teodicea, Tito Salas Contemporary Gallery, Caracas – Venezuela


Collective exhibition, Ladys Society Art Saloon,  Caracas Engineering College, Caracas – Venezuela.

Collective exhibition, XV Rotary Club Art Saloon, Caracas, Caracas – Venezuela

Solo exhibition, The heirs of the kingdom, Metro de Caracas, Caracas – Venezuela


Collective exhibition, XIV Rotary Club Art Saloon, Caracas – Venezuela.

Collective exhibition,  Art Workshop, Jacobo Borges Museum, Caracas – Venezuela

Collective exhibition,  Art for Culture, Caracas – Venezuela.


Solo exhibition, Living and Staring, Metro de Caracas, Caracas – Venezuela

Collective exhibition, Form and Expression of Contemporary art, Banap Gallery, Caracas – Venezuela

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