I have the firm conviction that without challenge there is no disruption, and without disruption, there is no development, that is especially true with art.

My work is a process of constant challenge.

By choosing to use the most basic and primal graphics element, the line and imposing on myself a set of strict rules on how to use it I create compositions that seem simple at first sight but that full of complexity and movement. The technical restriction of using one continuous, uninterrupted line through the entire layout offers me an interesting challenge, resulting in compositions that have a life of their own. The use of one continuous line is also an invitation to the viewer to follow the trajectory of the stroke through the entire canvas in the form of a little game producing an interaction between art and viewer will develop into a relationship between the two.

Conceptually my inspiration comes by narrating the daily life and paying tribute to the aspects that I consider are the most important, women, life, love, playfulness and our relationship with our own environment by the use of symbology. I try to use my work as a way of creating awareness and denouncing issues that need to be addressed. I start with an idea of what I want to produce but in the process the composition starts dictating how it will ultimately look like, creating shapes, spaces, and voids that will define the entire piece of work and its message.

I take something as simple and basic as a single line and transform it into a complex narrative that will challenge you and invite you to create a relationship with it.


Ronald Paredes (mundosanto), is a Latin-American artist, graphic designer, and podcaster from Caracas, Venezuela. Born and raised in a family of painters and designers, he has always been in contact with the graphic arts and visual communication. Influenced by both parents, he found himself balancing his professional life between his three passions: art, graphic design, and psychology. 

With over 20 of experience in the creative industry, he balanced personal projects as a visual artist with work in the advertising industry. Parallel to his work as a graphic designer and his artistic activities he started conducting studies and research on the subject of creativity and its connections with psychology, neuroscience, creative inhibitions as ways to rediscover our natural creative capacities, information that he uses to produce and host a podcast called The Creativity Roots >> https://creativityroots.com



Collective exhibition, A Little Brave, Be Brave Art Space, Sydney – Australia

Collective exhibition, Nanjing City of Peace International Stamp Exhibition, Hall of The Victims of the Nanjing Massacre, Nanjing – China

Collective exhibition, 6th Silk Road International Art Exhibition, Xian – China

Solo exhibition, Art in Office – OfficeStar’s 9th Anniversary, Suzhou – China

Collective exhibition, Connecting Dots, 1929 Art Space, Shanghai – China


Art Battle International, Shanghai Edition, M50 Art District, Shanghai – China

Collective exhibition, 5th Silk Road International Art Exhibition, Xian – China

Collective exhibition,  Arts for People Festival / Critica, M50 – Shanghai – China


Collective exhibition, SongYang Int’l Contemporary Art Exhibiton, SongYang – Zhenjiang – China

Collective exhibition, The Spiral Narrative in a Klein Bottle, SongJiang Univ. Library, Shanghai – China 

Collective exhibition, Life – Death – Transition, Tongji University Museum, Shanghai – China 


Collective exhibition, Miles Closer, Mosaic Art Studio, Nanjing – China 

Solo exhibition,  Reflexions of The Self, Forest Mall Museum, Nanjing – China

Collective exhibition, Cool Words Exhibition, AMNUA Art Museum of the Nanjing University of Art, Nanjing – China

Solo exhibition, Theology of Relationship, KIC Gallery Mall, Nanjing – China


Collective exhibition, 2nd. Nanjing International Art Festival – NJIAF, Nanjing – China


Solo exhibition, El Hatillo Cutural Center, Caracas – Venezuela


Solo exhibition, Teodicea, Tito Salas Contemporary Gallery, Caracas – Venezuela


Collective exhibition, Ladys Society Art Saloon,  Caracas Engineering College, Caracas – Venezuela.

Collective exhibition, XV Rotary Club Art Saloon, Caracas, Caracas – Venezuela

Solo exhibition, The heirs of the kingdom, Metro de Caracas, Caracas – Venezuela


Collective exhibition, XIV Rotary Club Art Saloon, Caracas – Venezuela.

Collective exhibition,  Art Workshop, Jacobo Borges Museum, Caracas – Venezuela

Collective exhibition,  Art for Culture, Caracas – Venezuela.


Solo exhibition, Living and Staring, Metro de Caracas, Caracas – Venezuela

Collective exhibition, Form and Expression of Contemporary art, Banap Gallery, Caracas – Venezuela

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